Fixer, guide & lecturer

Organizing study trips for university students in groups varying from five to over 30 participants, Lena Odgaard uses her vast knowledge and network when introducing different aspects of the Palestinian society and the political situation and ensuring a truly unique and insightful experience. This is also the foundation of her lectures whether the target group is high school students, pensioners, religious tourists etc.

As a stringer and fixer for Danish TV crews she makes sure that their production can be carried out quick and professionally despite working in an volatile and sensitive region. 

Tour 'guide' for study trips to Israel and Palestine

Organizing and leading political study trips for students and professionals providing background and insight to the Israel-Palestinian conflict and the situation on the ground.

Tour groups include:
- Danish journalist interns from major Danish media outlets including Berlingske Tidende, Radio24syv, Fyens Stiftstidende, and TV2.
- Danish political science students from Copenhagen University, University of Southern Denmark, and Aarhus University.